Susan Lee

MyJustice/British Council

Access to Justice Adviser

Ms. Lee is a qualified lawyer with extensive experience in access to justice, legal aid and empowerment. At MyJustice, funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council, Ms. Lee leads Justice Centres’ design and implementation to deliver free criminal defense to indigent accused, and manages policy engagement with justice sector institutions, technical assistance to Myanmar’s Union Legal Aid Board, strengthening legal education and the capacity of lawyers and other service providers. Prior to joining MyJustice, Ms. Lee worked with The Asia Foundation in Myanmar on initiatives using technology to enhance voter education and civic engagement and strengthening women’s political participation. Previously, Ms. Lee managed public defender offices in Nepal with the International Legal Foundation, directing litigation strategy and supervising the quality of representation and continuing skills development for legal aid lawyers, the development of a curriculum for legal aid lawyers, and co-authoring a Practice Manual for Criminal Defense in Nepal. A graduate of Yale University and New York University School of Law, Ms. Lee started her career as a community organiser advocating for legislative action to protect public health, and subsequently practiced public defense in New York City, representing hundreds of poor individuals accused of crimes.