Registration Fees

Since its start, the APBC&A2JX has been run on a revenue-neutral basis, meaning money generated from the APBC&A2JX is used to support the APBC&A2JX and much of the surplus is used to subsidize the attendance of regional “Pro Bono Champions” who could not otherwise afford to attend. Most of the persons working to organize this convening do so in a pro bono capacity, and the Consortium works very hard to, at a minimum, cover the out of pocket expenses for persons attending. When the APBC&A2JX has been a physical in-person event, most persons coming worked to source their own support to attend, which has made this event “belong to all” and “supported by all“.

In the past, the starting point has been that all APBC&A2JX participants must pay a registration fee. This applies equally to everyone including the volunteer organizers and presenters. This is because the registration fees assist in paying for the costs of running the APBC&A2JX, and there are out of pocket costs for all participants who attend the APBC&A2JX. It is essential that these out-of-pocket costs are covered in order to ensure the sustainability of the APBC&A2JX.

If you would like to join our 11th Asia Pro Bono Conference & Access to Justice Exchange, please register down below.

  • If you need assistance or have any questions about the registration, please contact [email protected]
  • All payments made to The Asia Pro Bono Conference & Access to Justice Exchange must be in USD.

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