When and where is the 13th Asia Pro Bono Conference?

The 13th Asia Pro Bono Conference will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2024

What is the dress code for the on-site conference?

The dress code for the conference is smart casual.

Please note: session room temperatures may vary; we recommend you wear layered clothing to ensure your personal comfort.

Is the conference available in online format?

Online engagement is available for registered remote participants through a virtual conference platform which will be conducted through Zoom Meeting.

Can I register during the conference?

Yes, we would recommend registering as early as possible. The late registration fee will be applied during the conference.

What is not included in the registration fee?

 The accommodation and transportation are not included in the registration fee.

Where can I get the latest information bout the Asia Pro Bono Conference?

Please visit our website https://www.probonoconference.org/ regularly for further updates on the conference program, presenters, and so on.

How to a convert session times into my local time?
We’ve found that if you Google, for example, “UK to ICT time” (replace UK with your country or region) it will convert the current time for you. Another way is to include the time, for example, “10am ICT time to New York” also works well.
Why hasn't my registration been confirmed?

This may be because:

  • the confirmation email has gone to your SPAM folder.
  • some orders require manual confirmation from our team, please allow some time.
  • the registration process wasn’t completed. After filling out the form in the first step, please then click the “Add to cart” button and then “Proceed to checkout” on the Cart page.
Are there registration quotas for certain countries or regions?
  • No.
I have submitted my registration. How can I be sure that you have received it?

If you have completed all compulsory fields of the registration form (including mandatory document uploads), and successfully paid the application fee (If has), the APBC&A2JX system will send a confirmation email.

I have completed the registration but I don't get the confirmation email
I am experiencing technical problems when trying to create a user account or when completing the online application.

If you have any technical issues or concerns using the online registration form, please contact the APBC&A2JX secretariat at [email protected]

In what language will the Asia Pro Bono Conference be held?

All the sessions at the Asia Pro Bono Conference will be in English.

I have been trying to pay the registration fee but I don't seem to manage.

In order to pay the registrations fee successfully, please try/make sure to

  • use a supported browser;
  • check the balance on your account;
  • check your limit for online payments (maybe the purchase limit was lower than the sum of all purchases on that particular date);
  • finish the transaction within 5 minutes.

If you still have problems, please consult your bank for assistance.

How do I get a refund for my registration?

If you register for in-person participation with an add-on option for a refund, you will be eligible to claim a refund. A request must be submitted in writing.

Other technical questions about Zoom


My question isn’t answered

If you cannot find the answer or need technical assistance, you can contact APBC secretariat at [email protected]

Helpdesk is available during the conference by clicking the ‘Need help?’ tab at the bottom of this page to chat with our team.