Sarmila Shrestha

Justice for All

Executive Director

Sarmila Shrestha, LL.M. is the Executive Director of the Justice for All ( J4A), has more than 16 years of working experience in protection and promotion of women’s human rights, gender equality, and social justice. I have been working in providing free legal aid, filing public interest litigation (PIL), advocacy, capacity building and conducting socio-legal research including publication on different areas of human rights. Much of that work focuses on human rights-based approach. I am also Chairperson of Juri- Nepal, and member of different women’s rights organizations. I have started my career in 1997 to provide community legal service. I believe that PIL is one of the most effective tools for creating change in the promotion of women’s rights. Sexual and reproductive health rights and justice are one of the passionate issues of working have proven to bring numbers of positive judgments by the Supreme Court of Nepal. Presently, I am involved in advocacy at local to international level for effective implementation of court decisions.