Session Themes

The sessions will continue to be engaging, informative, interactive, and much like almost all of the APBC sessions at the physical conferences, fun. Equally so, there will be an incredible array of presenters, from the Asia region and globally, who are renowned for being front-line access to justice and pro bono champion. The sessions will be in keeping with the “values” that the APBC has come to be known for and the Inaugural APBVC & A2J Exchange will work hard to ensure that as many of these values are kept, and new ones developed.

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Within the context of this overarching theme, there will be a number of session themes, likely including, but not limited to:

• Achieving Justice through Prison Decarceration
• Alternative Voices in the Justice Sector
• Bar Associations and Pro Bono : Roles, Responsibilities and Opportunities
• Combating Racism : Pro Bono and Criminal Justice Reform
• Cross-Border Pro Bono Alliances
• Developing Pro Bono Systems
• Environmental/Climate Justice and Pro Bono Support
• Evolutionary Justice Trends in Combating Gender-Based Violence
• Global Poverty, Access to Justice & Pro Bono
• Innovations in Pro Bono Roundtables
• Justice/Clinical Legal Education and Pro Bono
• Labour Protections and Pro Bono Support
• Leveraging IT and Online Pro Bono Services in a Transitioning Environment
• Paralegals, Legal Empowerment and Pro Bono Synergies
• Pro Bono Partnerships : Needs and Necessities
• Pro Bono Protection of Civil Liberties in Times of Crisis
• Pro Bono Protections of the Marginalized in Transitioning Environments
• Pro Bono Support for Reproductive Rights
• Strengthening the Business and Human Rights Movement Through Pro Bono Support
• Support. Don’t Punish. People Who Use Drugs and Justice
• Tackling COVID-19 Injustices through Pro Bono
• The Continuing Expansion and Impact of the Asia & Global Pro Bono Movement
• The Fundamentals of Pro Bono
• The Role of Pro Bono in Health Justice
• The Synergies and Common Elements of Pro Bono and Legal Aid
• The Transitioning Environment of In-House Counsel Pro Bono

The Conference will last 5 days, with at least 4 sessions a day. The sessions will be either 60 or 90 minutes long, and will fit into the following schedule.


All times are: (GMT +7 (ICT)

Highlights from Previous Asia Pro Bono Conferences

In 2013 in Vietnam – the late Ms. Esther Lardent (Pro Bono Institute’s President and CEO) spoke of the difference between pro bono and the American government controlled ‘Legal Aid’, meaning “services provided to low-income or disenfranchised groups”. Hence, Ms. Lardent gave her definition of pro bono as, “lawyers in private practice who are doing such work for free as part of their professional obligations to the legal community”.