Pro Bono Bazaar

The Pro Bono Bazaar provides your organization/project with a space to showcase your work and share it with others.

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Pro Bono Bazaar

The Pro Bono Bazaar, previously known as the Market Places of Ideas, will be held during the Asia Pro Bono Conference. The primary purpose of organizing the Pro Bono Bazaar is in line with a main aim of the Asia Pro Bono Conference, which is to create opportunities for pro bono partnership building and future pro bono collaboration.

A2J Silent Auction

The A2J “Silent Auction” has been held at each conference since 2015. The way a silent auction works is people bring small souvenirs from their country to the conference and donate them to the auction. Then items will be displayed in the Pro Bono Bazaar area which you can visit in time of coffee breaks. Each item will have a “bid sheet” where people wishing to bid on the item can write the amount they are willing to pay (in local currency or USD), their name, and email address.  Over the three days, people can write in bids with higher prices. The person with the highest bid at the close of the auction “wins,” pays the amount bid, and takes the item home. The proceeds from the Silent Auction will be raised to support access to pro bono and legal services. 

Bring & Display

Project Posters

Display your pro bono/access to justice project, program or organization on a display banner. It is a great way for people to learn about your work during breaks and moving between sessions. Banners are displayed during all 3 days of the conference.

Display & Sell

Organization Tables

Tables in the Pro Bono Bazaar are available to NGOs, Organizations, Projects, and Institutions that focus on access to justice and pro bono initiatives. It is a great way to let others at the conference learn a little more about your work and explore possible ways of collaboration.

Donate Gifts

Silent Auction

Join the Silent Auction by bringing small souvenirs from their country to the conference and donate them to the auction. renovation of Faculty of Law & Political Science, National University of Laos Clinical Legal Education Center, including making it disability accessible.

Hours of Operation

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Reserve Your Place

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