Job Title: Executive Director
Organization: The Diplomacy Training Program
Bio: Patrick Earle has over 20 years’ experience working in the human rights movement, both in Australia and internationally. Since 2003 Patrick has been the Executive Director of the Diplomacy Training Program, and in this role has developed and facilitated human rights courses in the region – including new thematic courses focusing on human rights business, human rights and migrant workers and the rights of Indigenous peoples. From 1996 until 2003, Patrick worked with the Human Rights Council of Australia with a focus on its ground-breaking project on the relationship between human rights and development and is co-author of “The Rights Way to Development – Policy and Practice”. Prior to that he worked for Amnesty International in London and produced their first International Campaigning Manual. Patrick is on the Steering Committee of UNSW’s Initiative on Health and Human Rights, a member of the Human Rights Council of Australia, and Visiting Fellow at the Faculty of Law at UNSW.