Job Title: Lawyer, Academic and Researcher
Organization: Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI); Nirmala Many & Partners Law Firm
Bio: Profession: Licensed lawyer since 2002-now (litigation and non litigation). Managing Partner at Nirmala Many & Partners Law Firm, Jakarta. Faculty Member, Business Law Department, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia. Researcher, lecturer and legal consultant with specialization on law of the sea, maritime and shipping law, international trade/commerce/investment law and private international.
Education: Master of Comparative Law (M.C.L) from Law Faculty of Delhi University, India in 2004 and law graduate (cum laude) from Law Faculty of University of North Sumatra, Indonesia in January 1999. Organization: – Secretary of Pro Bono Center of Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI) National Board 2017-2020. – International Cooperation and Foreign Lawyer Supervision Department of Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI) National Board 2015-2020.
Writes articles on maritime law, shipping law, law of the sea and international economy law. Upcoming books: 1). Indonesia Shipping Law Series, Volume 1: Ship Registration 2). Bar Association and its Role in Advocating Pro Bono Work in Indonesia