Job Title: Partner/Head of Responsible Business
Organization: DLA Piper (London)

Bio: Nicolas never wanted to be a lawyer, but at the age of 18 he liked the idea of telling people he was a law student, so he enrolled in a law degree as an exercise in vanity. This path led to a graduate job at DLA Piper, where the firm’s partners struggled to convey basic legal concepts like timesheets and budgets.

After a few unfulfilling years practising commercial litigation, Nicolas was visited in a dream by Oprah Winfrey, who told him “the true path to happiness and fulfilment is through service to others”.

The next day Nicolas persuaded the guys in Office Services to print him business cards with the job title “Pro Bono Coordinator”. He then set about building a pro bono practice in Australia and later persuaded the firm to give him the job title already printed on his business cards. He is now one of two full-time pro bono partners at DLA Piper and is the Head of Responsible Business for the International firm, based in London.