Martha M. [Marty] Peters

Elon University School of Law

Professor of Legal Education Emeritus

Martha M. [Marty] Peters, PhD., MEd, EdS, B.A. is an Emeritus Professor of Legal Education at the Elon University School of Law. Although not a lawyer, Marty has worked with law students, law professors, and lawyers in the United States and elsewhere for 35 years. She developed and directed one of the first academic support programs in American legal education at the University of Florida in 1984, created and directed the Academic Achievement Program at the University of Iowa in 1999, and served as a founding faculty member of the Elon University’s School of Law where she developed an academic support program and taught legal practice skills. Her programs helped law students adapt to law study and manage the stress of law school and her work focused on communication skills, interviewing and counseling, mediation skills, learning styles, study skills, stress reduction, and time management. Certified as a County Court and Family Law mediator by the Florida Supreme Court, she has lectured and presented workshops on the above topics to law students, lawyers, and judges on six continents. Marty is a co-author on “The Counselor-at-Law: A Collaborative Approach to Client Interviewing and Counseling” and “Juris Types: Learning Law Through Self-Understanding.” She also is a certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation® Program.