Job Title: Manager of Digital Innovation Strategies
Organization: Justice Connect
Bio: Kate Fazio is a lawyer with a deep interest in technology that evolved as she explored ways to scale the impact of pro bono legal services. She works as the Manager of Digital Innovation Strategies at Justice Connect, a charity that provides legal services to people and organisations with unmet legal needs in Australia.In her role she looks for opportunities to scale Justice Connect’s impact through process innovations and service delivery innovations. She leads Justice Connect’s Legal Help Gateway project, funded through the Google Impact Challenge. With a background as a corporate lawyer, Kate has worked at Justice Connect for 5 years.

Kate also developed and managed the Not-for-profit Law Information Hub (, a self-help website for charities and not-for-profits .The Hub hosts over 300 resources and interactive web applications created in partnership with Justice Connect’s 55 member law firms. It receives 300,000 visits per year and has been twice shortlisted for the Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards.

Kate is widely involved in the not-for-profit sector, serving as a director on several boards. She has a Master’s degree in Social Investment and Philanthropy, a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact, and degrees in Law and Media and Communications.