Hnin Wuttyi

The International Legal Foundation

Criminal Defense Lawyer


Hnin Wuttyi is one of Advocate from Myanmar. She received an LL.B Degree from Yadanabon University of Mandalay, Myanmar and studied Business Law from Mandalay University. Hnin Wuttyi worked at U Htain Lynn Law Firm as a litigation lawyer for both civil case and criminal case when she was a Higher Grade Pleader. She is eager to be a facilitator in this conference. When 4th Asia Pro bono conference (Myanmar) was celebrated in 2015, she attended and discussed the legal systems by sharing the difficulties and challenges with the legal aid lawyers around Asia. Starting from 2016, Myanmar experienced with Legal Aids Law and so she believes that she can share her experiences and the important points that have changed in her Country after establishing the Legal Aids Law in Myanmar. Now Hnin Wuttyi has been working as a Criminal Defense Lawyer at The International Legal Foundation since 2018. ILF created in 2001, is an international Non-governmental organization that assists post-conflict and transitional countries in establishing public defense services. All of the ILF Lawyers represent for only poor person no matter who they are. They always advocate for quality representation and interest of the client. As a Legal Aid Lawyer, they stand for JUSTICE and fight for JUSTICE and thus why she choose this organization passionately.