Job Title: Law Teacher
Organization: Legal Ethic Clinic, Pasundan University
Bio: Hesti Septianita is a law teacher at Faculty of Law, Pasundan University. She currently active in developing and running Legal Ethic Clinic at the law faculty that prepares and exposes students who are interested in developing a career as judge and other legal practitioner with issues on Legal Ethics. As a mentor/facilitator in the clinic, Hesti and team also helps students in organizing and educating communities about clean judiciary and contempt of court through interactive methodology.In addition, Hesti am also a program officer at Clinical Legal Education, Faculty of Law, Pasundan University since 2007. She is actively involve in all programs of the clinic and since our clinic focuses on street law program for women and children, her responsibilities are to design the program for the communities and students, to supervise the students conducting street law activities at the community, to also teach the communities such as women in rural community, women prisoners at the correctional service, juvenile delinquents at juvenile correctional institution, high schools students, migrant workers, and also street children.