Hadil Abdelaziz

Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA)

Executive Director


Hadil Abdelaziz is a founding member and the Executive Director of the Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA). She has been the executive director since the establishment of JCLA in 2008. Hadil has two BA degrees in Management and Law; she is the first Jordanian to be certified as a judicial administrator by Michigan State University. She has over 20 years of practical experience mainly focused in judicial reform, court automation and access to justice projects. Since 2008, JCLA has been specifically dedicated towards supporting access to justice through establishing a national network of legal aid clinics and advocating for an institutionalized state funded legal aid system in Jordan. Hadil has been dedicated towards building a sustainable model for access to justice in Jordan, managing a national organization that has 16 legal aid clinics distributed across Jordan offering legal services to thousands of poor and vulnerable people every year.