Conference Presentation Submissions

Participants interested in presenting or submitting presentations for the 7th Asia Pro Bono Conference can do so by contacting the Program Committee directly. 

The deadline for submitting all presentations is March 31, 2018. Once the deadline has passed the Conference Committee will review all applications and inform applicants if their submission has been accepted onto the program.

If you are interested in presenting at the Conference:

  • please send us a brief outline of your topic in 500 words, or less
  • tell us how your topic relates to the Conference theme Inspire. Impact. and increasing access to justice
  • if the project has included any new application of technology, please mention that

We want all our delegates to be able to take home practical lessons which they can integrate within their own pro bono practices.

Due date: 31st March 2018.

Questions? Please send any inquiries to [[email protected]]

Please note,  since the Conference is run on a revenue neutral basis, meaning it is run on a break-even basis. Therefore, all delegates (volunteers, organisers, and speakers alike) are expected to register and pay their own way. If there is a surplus, and the surplus, it wlll be used to subsidize the attendance of regional delegates who could not otherwise afford to attend. So there is very limited capacity to provide fee waivers and to support participants/speakers to attend. In order to fairly handle any applications for assistance, we have set up two separate procedures. For those speakers who have limited financial means to attend the Conference, they can apply for a partial fee waiver which will result in the registration fee being reduced or waived entirely, however this does not cover accommodation or travel expenses. A separate Inclusion fund has been set up to meet those expenses, but the level and availability of funding will be dependent on the donations received. 

Speaking at the Conference does not guarantee a partial fee waiver nor an Inclusion Fund grant, but it may assist in your application. If you would like to apply for a partial fee waiver, or you would like to apply for the Inclusion Fund, please complete the registration form and indicate on that that you would like to apply for either or both the fee waiver and/or the Inclusion Fund.

More information on the Fee Waiver and Inclusion fund can be found here.