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Call for Presenters and Presentation Submissions

Participants interested in presenting or submitting presentations for the Asia Pro Bono Conference can do so in the following manner and subject to the following guidelines:

Session Presentations – Presentations for the event are guided by the existing agenda which can be found on this website at: www.probonoconference.org/programme/. Session presentations will be a shared experience with other persons from the region/internationally who have an expertise and/or a demonstrated understanding of the thematic session topic.

Presentations cannot be delivered in a lecture style or simple a powerpoint/lecture style. Rather they must be interactive and what we refer to as “Far Reaching/Flexible/Fun”.

As a means to assist you in this process we are offering you some “suggestive” guidelines on ways and means to present at your session.  We also are here to assist you, and provide “tips” that have worked in the past that have helped to have us reach our session goals, both related to substance and delivery. As we wrote above, the Asia Pro Bono Conference strives to bring greater depth and continuity to existing pro bono initiatives by encouraging creative techniques and attitudes, with the hopes of encouraging new and innovative designs to the international pro bono framework. We are confident that you and your team of co-presenters will succinctly mold and develop upon ideas for your topic to create an interactive session which is both fun and educational.

We would like to suggest the following guidelines when preparing for your session:

  • Please avoid the extensive use of PowerPoint slides and absolutely avoid PowerPoint slides with a great amount of text writing.
  • Work with your team to generate impactful discussion questions relevant to the topic. Do not be afraid to be provocative and bold, as that is exactly how we want the audience to respond!
  • Inject the session with valuable nuggets of information which you envision your session’s delegates to take away with them.
    Please remember to apportion a good amount of time for audience interaction and Q&A. The total time given for each panel/breakout session is often 60-90 minutes.

*Partial registration waiver fees are available to select persons who can demonstrate financial need and a real commitment to access to justice, pro bono, legal ethics initiatives. Applications can be found at:  


Session Presentation Submission Guidelines-

For those persons interested in presenting at the Asia Pro Bono Conference will be asked to please provide the following information:

  • Name of presenter
  • Title of presenter
  • Organization, institution, firm, etc affiliation
  • Email address
  • Short bio 200 words (related to expertise/experience of the presentation and in the pro bono, legal ethics field)
  • Full CV
  • Asia Pro Bono Conference programme session topic to be presented on (please be specific and refer to one or more of the titles included on the programme)
  • A brief description of what you will present on and the initially suggested interactive methodology you intend use
  • How your description fits with the session topic
  • Experiences you have had presenting on similar previous related sessions and/or presenting in an interactive manner at conferences and workshops

Additional Contributions to the Asia Pro Bono Conference –

Law Student Consortium – These consortiums provide the forum for group discussions where law students share individual projects and on-going work related to CLE and pro bono initiatives. Prospective law students should send a report describing their projects and/or work in a maximum of 4 pages (2,500 words).  Alternatively works such as documentary films, photography or artwork can be submitted with a 250 word abstract.

Market Place of Ideas Table Hosting-– Showcases and/or exhibitions that present recent developments and applications of pro bono related programmes or initiatives.  These should be designed to inform a large and qualified audience about the successes of any pro bono programmes globally.

Posters – These contain implementation information or work-in-progress and have two pages at maximum (1,250 words) besides the poster itself (or demonstration) that will be displayed at the conference during the early registration poster display on 29 August 2016 and throughout the Conference.

Click on the icon to submit online

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Online Registration Now Open

The 7th Asia Pro Bono Conference will be held in Hong Kong and registration is now open. Please visit: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/index.php?eventid=314527& 

Register Early and Use the Early Bird Promotion Code: APBC2018

2018 Logo & Bag Designer – Daniel Tang

A self-taught illustrator, Daniel has had keen interest in anything creative since he was able to hold a pencil. When the opportunity came up for him to contribute and apply his talents for the 2018 Asia Pro Bono Conference, he jumped at the chance to share and give back to the community, hoping to help those in need of access to justice.

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The 2018 Conference Local Organizing Committee

The 2018 Conference is organised by the Conference Local Organizing Committee (“CLOC“), comprising the heads of the five working committees. The full list of volunteers assisting with the Conference Organisation is available here. Big hand of applause to them them all and BABSEACLE as well for their support.

2018 Conference Program Information

The CLOC, its Program Committee and the 2018 Program Advisory Group is currently putting together the Conference program. To view more details of the program, speakers and related information please click here.


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