Partial Fee Waiver on Registration

The Conference is run on a revenue-neutral basis meaning, the organizers use much of the surplus to subsidize the attendance of regional “Pro Bono Champions” who could not otherwise afford to attend. Most of the persons working to organize this convening do so in a pro bono capacity, and the Consortium work very hard to, at a minimum, cover the out of pocket expenses for persons attending. Most persons coming work to source their own support to attend, which makes this event “belong to all” and supported by all.

The starting point is that all Conference participants must pay a registration fee. This applies equally to everyone including the volunteer organizers and presenters. This is because the registration fees assist in paying for the costs of running the Conference, and there are out of pocket costs for all participants who attend the Conference. It is essential that these out of pocket costs are covered in order to ensure the sustainability of the APBC.

However, in recognition that the requirement to pay the full registration fee may cause some participants financial hardship, or otherwise prohibit them from attending and contributing to the Conference, the registration fee in-part may be partially waived based on the participant’s need and merit (“Partial Fee Waiver”).

The Organizers will consider providing a partial fee waiver to participants who have both a demonstrated financial need and a history of being involved in pro bono and/or community service projects directed towards helping the poor and marginalized.

The Conference fees will not be waived entirely and will be based upon the applicant’s needs. Presenting or volunteering at the Conference does not guarantee a partial fee waiver, but it may assist in your application for a waiver. If a partial fee waiver is granted, the participant is expected to attend the entire Conference (unless otherwise discussed and agreed to before the Conference start date). A partial fee waiver does not include the cost of the Conference dinner, transportation or accommodation; these costs must be covered by the participant.

Each partial fee waiver received is reviewed and will be granted based upon the applicant’s eligibility according to a standard criteria below and the availability of funding. Whenever possible, applicants will be given the result of their application within 3-4 weeks of submission.


The deadline for submitting your partial fee waiver application was
July 31, 2020
Applications will open in Feb 2020

Please see the criteria below and read carefully before continuing on the application form.

To be eligible for a partial fee waiver for the 9th Asia Pro Bono Conference
  • Applicant is involved in pro bono, access to justice and/or community service projects directed towards helping the poor and marginalized.
  • Applicant is financially unable to pay the Conference registration fee
  • Applicant is a local participant or regional partner.
  • Applicant is able to attend the entire conference.
  • Applicant can demonstrate that they have tried to find additional financial support to attend the event. E.g. Fundraising, funding applications etc.
  •  Applicant has the financial means to provide their own transportation and accommodation costs for the full duration of the Conference.
  • If applicant has previously received a waiver to attend the Asia Pro Bono Conference they must be able to demonstrate how attending the Conference impacted their work, and how they continued to strengthen the Pro Bono Movement.
  • If applicant has previously received a waiver to attend the Asia Pro Bono Conference they must be able to demonstration how they have reach out to others to attend the conference.
  • If applicant attended previous Asia Pro Bono Conference they must demonstrate they fulfilled their pro bono pledges which they made during the event.
Conditions of the fee waiver
All sponsored participants and participants who received waivers are required to:
  1. Complete the Conference reflective report and submit by 1 November 2020
  2. Volunteer at the Conference (you will be contacted close to the time of the Conference with more details of your volunteer role)
Suggestions to fundraise to attend or to attend on a budget
  • Ask friends and family or work colleagues to sponsor you to attend
  • Check with your university/ organisation if there is any type of funding/grant available to support your attendance
  • Set up a GoFundMe campaign ( )
  • Reach out to local partners/businesses to explain to them why you would like to attend the Conference and how attending will support the work you are doing and ask for support.
  • Host a fundraising event to support your attendance
  • Book your flight tickets in advance to get cheaper tickets

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