Baasanjargal Khurelbaatar



Ms. Baasanjargal has a law degree(LLB) from “Ikh Zasag ” International University in 2004, also has a bachelor degree in “Business management and financier” from the Institute of Finance and Economics in 2009. She got her lawyer license in 2005, and she became an official member of Mongolian Bar Association in 2006, since 2013 she has been working as an advocate in ELC LLP. She has got a securities market consulting license from the Financial Regulatory Commission and specialized in procurement, labor law and finance law.

Mongolian lawyer Baasanjargal Khurelbaatar has been awarded the 2018 International Bar Association (IBA) Pro Bono Award. The judging panel selected Ms. Khurelbaater ‘in recognition of her persistence and tenacious efforts that led to a reversal of the government’s original position and effective national ban on winter horse racing involving children in Mongolia’.