Session Themes

The 12th Asia Pro Bono Conference Program Committee is pleased to announce the following session themes for the upcoming Conference on 1-3 December 2023.

The Evolution of Empowering Pro Bono and Access to Justice

  • Access to Justice, Pro Bono and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Advancing Reproductive Rights, Pro Bono and Access to Justice Services
  • Arts, Culture and Pro Bono Promotion
  • Client-Centered Lawyering Approaches for Legal Service Providers
  • Climate Justice, Pro Bono and Access to Justice
  • Combating Discrimination Through Pro Bono and other Access to Justice Services
  • Combating Gender-Based Violence Through Pro Bono and Access to Justice Services
  • Combating the Death Penalty Through Pro Bono and other Access to Justice Services
  • Cross Border Pro Bono
  • Developing and Implementing Pro Bono Policies
  • Economic Justice and Pro Bono (Economic, Social and Cultural Rights)
  • Enabling Pro Bono: Systemic Perspectives
  • Engaging Pro Bono Support from the Judiciary
  • Engaging Youth and New Actors in Pro Bono Initiatives
  • Ensuring Disability Rights Protections Through Pro Bono
  • ESGs and Pro Bono Working Together
  • Expanding the Asia Pro Bono Roundtable Network
  • Inclusive Pro Bono
  • Institutionalizing Pro Bono and Access to Justice Systems
  • Justice Education and Pro Bono
  • Juvenile Justice Pro Bono
  • Legal Empowerment and Pro Bono Synergy
  • Legal Ethics, Professional Responsibility, Pro Bono and Access to Justice
  • Pro Bono and Access to Justice for Refugees and Forcefully Displaced Persons
  • Pro Bono and Access to Justice Partnerships
  • Pro Bono and Access to Justice Reporting Mechanisms
  • Pro Bono and Ageing Populations
  • Pro Bono and Paralegalism
  • Pro Bono and Students
  • Pro Bono Assistance for the Marginalized and Vulnerable
  • Pro Bono Awareness – Celebrating and Inspiring Pro Bono Culture Development
  • Pro Bono Capacity Building
  • Pro Bono Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  • Pro Bono Strengthening Through Multi-Sector Engagement
  • Pro Bono Support for Climate Justice
  • Pro Bono Support for People Who Use Drugs
  • Public Interest Law/Strategic Litigation Pro Bono
  • Social Enterprise Law Firm Models
  • Strengthening Pro Bono Through Technology
  • Sustainable Pro Bono and Access to Justice Systems
  • The Evolving and Empowering Nature of Pro Bono and Access to Justice.
  • The Fundamentals of Pro Bono Services and Systems
  • The History of Pro Bono
  • The Impact of Pro Bono on the Sustainable Development Goals/Goal 16
  • The Intersection and Differences between Pro Bono and Legal Aid
  • The Role of Bar Associations in Supporting Pro Bono
  • Other Suggested Presentation Topics Related to the Conference Theme

Submissions are open to anyone with skill, background, knowledge and expertise of relevance to Asia Pro Bono Conference attendees.

We are seeking interactive presentations that are “Far Reaching/Flexible/Fun” and encourage creativity and innovation within the pro bono framework. To make sure our participants have an engaging experience, we encourage interactive presentations that are far-reaching, flexible, and most importantly, fun! We’re excited to see the unique contributions you can bring to our conference and look forward to receiving your submissions.

As a means to assist you in this process we are offering you some “suggestive” guidelines on ways and means to present at your session.

We would like to suggest the following guidelines when preparing for your session:

  • Please avoid the extensive use of PowerPoint slides and absolutely avoid PowerPoint slides with a great amount of text writing.
  • Work with your team to generate impactful discussion questions relevant to the topic. Do not be afraid to be provocative and bold, as that is exactly how we want the audience to respond!
  • Inject the session with valuable nuggets of information which you envision your session’s participants to take away with them.
  • Please remember to apportion a good amount of time for participant interaction.
  • The total time given for each session is often 90-120 minutes.
  • We want all our participants to be able to take home practical lessons which they can integrate within their own pro bono initiatives.

Stand-alone session applications and expressions of interest to join another presenter’s session must be submitted electronically through the Call-for-Presentations web portal in English.

The deadline for submitting a session application is 15 April 2023 (11:59 pm Bangkok Time). Lead presenters will be notified by email as to whether your submission is accepted between May 1-7, 2023. Accepted presenters and co-presenters are expected to register for the conference within 2 weeks after receipt of a proposal acceptance letter.

All stand-alone session applications must use the APBC Session Presentation Plan Template Form, downloadable at this weblink.

Formats for Presentations

This year, the conference will be held in three formats:

In-person: all of the presenters will be present at the conference venue in Cebu City, Philippines.

Hybrid: Hybrid sessions will include a mixture of presenters who will be present in person at the conference venue and presenters who participate remotely through Zoom from any location.

Virtual: This option has no in-person presenters. Presenters participate remotely through Zoom from any location.

Note: No individual can be listed as a presenter for more than two (2) Presentation Submissions.