25 SEP 2021

13.00 – 15.00


Philippine environmental law school collaborations

The IPCC’s sixth assessment report (IPCC6AR) is characterized as a code-red for humanity. Southeast Asia, in particular, faces calamitous weather extremes as 1.5°C global warming is expected to hit by 2030s. Nineteen of the 25 cities most exposed to a one-metre sea-level rise are in Asia, seven in the Philippines alone. There is thus a growing need for legal intervention in environmental, climate, and energy issues in the Philippines.

The rise in the number of climate and environmental cases in the Philippines before judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals combined with the promulgation of Rule 138-A of the Revised Rules of Court of the Philippines, on Law Student Practice, which requires law schools to develop and adopt a Clinical Legal Education Program, and to develop and establish at least one law clinic in its school, provide an opportunity to increase legal intervention in the Philippines.

ClientEarth is supporting the development of specialised energy, environmental and climate law expertise in at least ten law schools in the Philippines. Through collaborations with partner institutions, it is envisioned that there would be an accelerated transition to renewable energy and environmental defenders would be protected from various abuses.


Zhong Huang | PILnet

Danielle Bolong | ClientEarth