25 SEP 2021

13.00 – 15.00


Pro Bono Reporting and Polices-Ensuring Quality, Impact, Guidance and Inspiration

During the 1st Asia Pro Bono Conference in Laos in 2012, the Key Note Speaker, Malathi Das, raised the question that “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it fall, does it make a noise?”  She went on to equate, and analogize this to pro bono and pro bono services. She posed the question that if pro bono is happening, but persons are not aware of it, is it achieving the real impact that it can and should.

Following that inaugural event, a decade ago, so much has occurred, it has become apparent that pro bono as a concept and practice is expanding within the region. It also has occurred, in-part, along with the development of pro bono reporting requirements and policies. These reporting requirements and policies, have been implemented with the goal of positively supporting the expansion and impact of pro bono, in order to ensure the noise of pro bono more greatly resonates year by year.

Building on the above question posed in 2012, this session will assist in providing a structured road map to ensure that pro bono that is being conducted is in fact “making a noise”.  It further will provide illustrative outline examples of how supportive pro bono policies from both the private and public sector help to amplify the impactful “noise” made by pro bono.

The session will explore and demonstrate comparative “better practices” pro bono reporting and policy examples.  Simultaneously, the session will provide a basis for Participants to discuss and collaboratively strategize on ways and means to draft and implement pro bono reporting mechanisms and policies.


Bruce Lasky | Lanna Lawyers/BABSEACLE

John Corker | John Corker Legal Practice

Chengying Cai | Law Society Pro Bono Services