24 SEP 2021

10.00 – 12.00


Bar Association Support for Pro Bono

Lawyers all over the world have a strong sense of social justice.  They recognise that there is little point in a society based upon the rule of law if citizens are unable to access justice because they are unable to afford the cost of the legal services so often necessary enforce those rights.

They also know there are organisations which themselves support those less well-off which have no capacity to harness the governance, regulatory, and dispute resolving skills of lawyers because of their lack of resources. 

What often emerges is the gap between those lawyers willing and able to help, and those who need that help.  Bar Associations in all jurisdictions are uniquely placed to have a role in bridging that gap. 

Bar Associations throughout Asia have concentrated on attempting to support their members who have the capacity to realise their pro bono ethical obligations to work pro bono with varying degrees of success. It is both a key member service and public benefit undertaking.

 This session will seek to showcase best practice in connecting those who seek pro bono services with those who will provide them.



Tanguy Lim | Law Society Pro Bono Services

Gopinath Pillai | Law Society Pro Bono Services

Helena Whalen-Bridge | National University of Singapore

Mark G Woods | Law Council of Australia

Saroj K Ghimire | Nepal’s Supreme Court Bar Association