Job Title: Executive, People Who Use Drugs Program
Organization: The Malaysian AIDS Council
Bio: Yatie Jonet, 42 yrs old. Yatie is a non-abstinence recovery women from drug dependence since 2009.
Former outreach worker for needle syringes exchange program (NSEP), later appointed as NSEP program manager and currently as a focal point for people who use drugs (PWID) in Malaysia.
Covering all drugs related issues in Malaysia. As a focal point for Case Management Approach for all key population and for PWIDs especially. Creating an enabling environment for PWIDs to have access for ART and OST.
Focal point for drug policy reform in Malaysia, participating in IDPC and Alliance regional meeting, coordinating drug and health forum with key stakeholders in removing legal barriers to access of treatment in Malaysia.
Currently as PWID Executive, Program at Project Management Unit in Global Fund Malaysia As a focal point for women who use drugs (WUDs) in Malaysia, coordinating several focus group discussion on gender based violence for post incarcerated WUDs. Coordinating and participating in several talks in drug related issues meetings and other programs.
Recently advocating for voluntary based, evidence based, scientific based approached to key stakeholders such as Royal Police of Malaysia, National Anti Drugs Agency, Ministry of Health Malaysia and at local level advocacy.