Job Title: Director/Founder
Organization: Beacon Law Corporation

Bio: Cheow Hung is the founding director of Beacon Law Corporation, a boutique law firm focusing mainly on community law. The firm also supports various pro bono and clinical legal education organizations, working closely with organizations like the Law Society (of Singapore) Pro Bono Services Office in its Criminal Legal Aid Scheme to provide pro bono legal representation for the underprivileged; as well as Justice Without Borders, the National University of Singapore Law Faculty Pro Bono Group, the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics and Transient Workers Count Too on migrant worker representation. Beacon Law Corporation also helped to incubate a charity known as Daughters of Tomorrow, which enables and empowers underprivileged women through confidence-building, skills development and employment channeling. Although Beacon Law Corporation is a small law firm with limited resources, Cheow Hung hopes that it can nevertheless play a significant part in helping to plug gaps in pro bono representation and assistance. At present, his focus is on providing pro bono representation to migrant workers in Singapore, for whom pro bono representation options are relatively limited.

Cheow Hung has also recently been honoured by the Law Society of Singapore with the Pro Bono Ambassador 2016/2017 Award in recognition of his contributions to the pro bono cause. He is also honoured to be a director of the Law Society Pro Bono Services Office, a registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC) with the mission to help bring free legal assistance to those in need in the community.