Job Title: Lawyer
Organization: Thong Seng Kong & Associates
Bio: Samantha Chong Yin Xin graduated from University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Laws in 2009. Upon graduation, she served as a deputy public prosecutor in Attorney General’s Chambers and began her career in private practice as senior legal associate in Messrs Thong Seng Kong & Associates in 2013. Samantha always has a special tie with the marginalised communities. As an undergraduate, she was one of the founding members of the Clinical Legal Education (CLE) program, a community outreach program established via the collaboration between University of Malaya’s Faculty of Law and BABSEA (as it then was) Currently, she actively handles cases from the National Legal Aid Foundation (NLAF), a joint legal aid program by the Malaysian government, Malaysian Bar Council and Legal Aid Department, to provide free representation in criminal cases for the poor and needy. Samantha is an independent consultant for International Labour Organization (ILO) on forced labour issue. She also serves as a steering committee member in NLAF (Kuala Lumpur) as well as committee member of the Malaysian Bar Council Migrants, refugees, and immigration affairs committee.