Sabin Shrestha

Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD)

Executive Director


Mr. Shrestha is a practicing advocate in the Supreme Court of Nepal and Executive Director of Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD). He has a master’s degree in law from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu. He is doing policy advocacy in the field of human rights and gender equality. Mr. Shrestha is also involved in various legal studies and researches and has contributed to various publications. He has represented in various public interest litigation at Supreme Court relating to victim and witness protection, the confidentiality of the victim, human trafficking and safe migration, child solder, transitional justice, citizenship and birth registration, marital rape, gender-based violence, sexual harassment, reproductive right and others. He is also providing legal support and legal aid to the survivor of violence and conflict victim. Additionally, he has been involved in drafting legislation against human trafficking, domestic violence, victim/witness protection and sexual harassment etc. Mr. Shrestha had supported the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to develop an investigation procedure and victim support guideline. Mr. Shrestha is also engaged in developing manuals and conducting training of judges, public attorneys, lawyers and police in various issues including victim/witness protection.