Sa Im Meas

Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association

Deputy Head of Women and Children Rights Section

Ms. MEAS Sa Im started working at ADHOC in 2008, when she first joined ADHOC’s Human Rights and Monitoring Section and later ADHOC’s Land and Natural Resources Rights Section. Since 2014, Sa Im has been acting as deputy head of ADHOC’s Women’s and Children’s Rights Section. Her legal background and passion for women’s and children’s rights have allowed ADHOC to be at the forefront of discussions on these issues. Sa Im conducts investigations into violations of women’s rights and intervenes with local, provincial, national authorities and international on behalf of victims that seek assistance from ADHOC. With respect to the direct assistance of victims of human trafficking and labor exploitation to destination countries – in particular Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China – ADHOC engages in their safe repatriation missions, in collaboration with NGO partners in destination countries, Cambodian embassies, relevant ministries, and other stakeholders. Once victims are safely returned to Cambodia, Sa Im accompanies victims to doctors for health treatments and assists them with the filing of complaints to the anti-trafficking police, and, if needed, the courts, in the process of which they are assigned one of ADHOC’s lawyers. She also accompanies them back to their homes at the provinces, does case management from open until it closed.