Job Title: Student
Organization: Queensland University of Technology
Bio: Megan Frost is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws degree, while working as a Legislation Officer for the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel. Megan has a particular interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution, as well as pro bono programs to support and educate vulnerable and at risk youth. In her spare time, Megan continues her commitment to social justice issues through volunteering with the ‘Rosies’ street outreach program, which supports homeless youth in her local area. While completing her studies, Megan has undertaken teaching and training placements in Borneo (project on the environmental and socio-economic effects of deforestation, with a focus on the palm oil industry) and Bhutan (development of lesson plans for law clubs on the importance of the law and access to justice). These experiences cemented the value of international cooperation for Megan, and she is excited both to teach, and to learn from, other delegates of the conference.