Limiting the scope of the death penalty for rape in South Asia

15.30 – 17.30 | 22 September

As of May 2022, the death penalty remains a lawful punishment for one or more rape offences in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. A new report by ADPAN, Eleos Justice and the SAME network entitled ‘A Deadly Distraction: Why the Death Penalty is not the answer to rape in South Asia’ provides an overview of capital rape laws in these jurisdictions, discusses the everyday ramifications of such laws, and explores existing and potential avenues by which advocates may campaign for reform.

A panel of experts from across the South Asia region, will examine how the scope and practice of the death penalty in South Asia can be limited through pro bono and civil society advocacies. The panelists range from practicing capital defence lawyers, gender rights advocates and child protection advocates. The panel discussion will explore the role of a cross-regional and cross-sectoral advocacy approaches in challenging the populist narratives in support of the use of the death penalty for rape.