23 SEP 2021

13.00 – 15.00


What Pro Bono Lawyers Could/Should Do to Promote Linguistic Justice & Diversity; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Iran as Case Study

: This session will raise the issue of the role of language justice in ensuring legal justice and preserving human identity as the basis of human rights and the role of pro bono legal services in this field. 

Preserving indigenous, local, and endangered languages is a critical element in protecting cultural diversity, educational Justice, linguistic Justice, and the identity of their speakers. One of the related initiatives is that UNESCO has named 2022 – 2032 as “Decade of Indigenous Languages” to focus on Indigenous language users’ human rights, prioritizing indigenous language users’ empowerment.

Given the fundamental role of Pro Bono legal activities to achieve language justice and protection linguistic diversity and welcome the UNESCO initiative, this panel focuses on discussions about the relations between linguistic diversity, legal and educational justice, and pro bono legal activities.

*This session will not be live-streamed.


Masoud Noori| Roya Institute for Global Justice/ NYU

Zahra Jannat | GAJE

Mahak Rathee | Roya Institute, India

Ramin Yazdan shenas | GAJE

Shristi Banerjee | Roya Institute, India

Angbeen Mirza | Roya Institute, Pakistan

Alida Saqi | Roya Institute, Bangladesh

Sara Rajabi Mashhadi | University of Tehran Law school

Rebecca Emiene Badejogbin, Roya Institute