Fundamentals of Pro Bono

The aim of this session will be to provide a general overview and understanding regarding the core fundamental components of Pro Bono. Applying the standards adopted in the Declaration issued by the Asia Pro Bono Consortium at the 8th Asia Pro Bono Conference & A2J Exchange in Kathmandu, Nepal (September 2019) this session will include areas focusing
1) What is Pro Bono (and What is Not Pro Bono)
2) Who Provides Pro Bono
3) How to Support Pro Bono
4) Whose Has the Responsibility is it to Support Pro Bono
5) Why Do Pro Bono
6) Projects and Ways to Get Involved in Supporting Pro Bono.



Hosted By:
Start: September 24, 2020 @ 4:00 pm
Duration: 90
Timezone: Asia/Bangkok

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