A variety of legal networks on human rights already exist in Asian jurisdictions, including cross-jurisdictional legal advocacy organizations such as OSJI and ICJ, international pro bono clearinghouses such as PILNet, BABSEACLE and TrustLaw, as well as human rights components of network of bar associations and legal professions – LAWASIA, and IBA, for instance. However, there is no 1) regional; 2) representative; and 3) inclusive lawyers’ network on human rights practice in Asia, although there exists a strong need for a knowledge and experience exchange hub for human rights lawyering in Asia. This session aims to provide a forum for working-level discussion on the formation of an ‘Asian Bar Associations Human Rights Network’ (tentative), including mapping of potential key actors and partners, knowledge-sharing on existing initiatives and lessons learned, and creation of pilot programs for bilateral knowledge and experience exchange.


Sin Yew

Satoko Kitamura





Topic: Mobilizing Key Actors within Bar Associations in the Region to Lay the Groundwork for ‘Asian Bar Associations Human Rights Network’
Hosted By:
Start: September 26, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
Duration: 90
Timezone: Asia/Bangkok

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