Coline Schupfer | Open Society Justice Initiative | United Kingdom
Grant Mitchell | Stateless Network Asia Pacific | Australia
Zaid Hydari | Refugee Solidarity Network (RSN) | USA
Khalid Hussain | Council of Minorities| Bangladesh

Across South and Southeast Asia, Rohingya refugees and other protection-seekers face common challenges including a lack of secure legal status, discrimination, limited access to rights and entitlements, and vulnerability to trafficking in persons and forced labour. Despite the lack of comprehensive, formal refugee protections and stateless determination procedures, and the ensuing challenges this creates, a range of national laws, policies, and judicial decisions, as well as international commitments outside of the Refugee and Statelessness Conventions provide legal grounds that can be invoked to protect and advance the rights of refugees and stateless persons in the different host country contexts.


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Topic: Comparative Connections – Building Cross-Border Alliances Across Non-Convention Countries Towards Stronger Protections for Refugees and Stateless Populations
Hosted By: Wendy Morrish
Start: September 24, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Current Timezone: Asia/Bangkok

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