The Market Place of Ideas and the A2J Silent Auction

unnamedThe Market Places of Ideas being held at the 6th Asia Pro Bono Conference. The primary purpose of organizing the Marketplace is in line with a main aim of the 6th APBC, which is to create opportunities for pro bono partnership building and future pro bono collaboration.The Market Place provides your organisation with a space to showcase your work and share it with others. Organisation tables will be open from 8am September 30th to 4pm October 1st.

6th Asia Pro Bono Conference A2J Silent Auction

The A2J “Silent Auction” has been held at each conference sunspecifiedince 2015. The way a silent auction works is people bring small souvenirs from their country to the conference and donate them to the auction. Then items will be displayed in the market place are a which you can visit in time of coffee breaks. Each item will have a “bid sheet” where people wishing to bid on the item can write the amount they are willing to pay (in Malaysian Ringgit or USD), their name, and email address.  Over the two days, people can write in bids with higher prices. The person with the highest bid at the close of the auction “wins,” pays the amount bid, and takes the item home. The proceeds from the A2J Silent Auction will be used to support regional “Pro Bono Champions” to attend the Conference and also support local A2J and pro bono initiatives.

If you would like to reserve a Marketplace table or find our more about the Market Place or Silent Auction please contact:

Pavina Thephithuck
[email protected]