Using Zoom as a participant
Instructions on how to the Zoom app can be found here: https://www.probonoconference.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Instruction-How-to-use-Zoom.pptx
How to a convert session times into my local time?
We’ve found that if you Google, for example, “UK to ICT time” (replace UK with your country or region) it will convert the current time for you.

Another way is to include the time, for example, “10am ICT time to New York” also works well.

Why hasn't my registration been confirmed?

This may be because:

  • the confirmation email has gone to your SPAM folder.
  • some orders require manual confirmation from our team, please allow some time.
  • the registration process wasn’t completed. After filling out the form in the first step, please then click the “Add to cart” button and then “Proceed to checkout” on the Cart page.
How do I register?

Choose your registration option by clicking on one of the round images at the bottom of the page.

Can I register during the conference?

Yes, you can register up until the last day of the conference. The registration fee is $125 USD. You can donate more, and are greatly appreciated.

How do I add my justice hero virtual background?
Will I receive a certificate? How do I apply for my e-certificate?

Please check on the website after the event finish. You will have to fill the evaluation form to get the e-certificate.

Will interpretation in my language be available?

While most of the conference sessions will be conducted in English, interpretation for some languages will be available for some of the sessions. The available languages may include:

  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Bangla
  • Nepali
  • English
How do I enable interpretation?

Instructions on how to use the interpretation feature and how to change the audio language can be found in the How to use Zoom guide and also online here.

Information on the interpretation languages available for the sessions is on the online agenda. Please note that materials and handouts will be in English language.

Can I join via Zoom app on my phone or browser?
To participate in the virtual conference, you are requested to download and sign in from the desktop Zoom app. Many of the Zoom tools, that will be utilized during the sessions, such as virtual background, interpretation and interactive buttons are only available on the desktop app. The desktop Zoom app will allow you to see more participants in the gallery view. Moreover, you can only utilize the justice hero virtual background on your computer.

If you have trouble downloading the Zoom app, please visit Zoom Help Center.

How do I join a Session?
You can join the conference sessions via the conference website by following the instruction below:
  • Go to the agenda page here.
  • Click on the “JOIN SESSION” button.
  • Enter the password you received earlier from our email.
When is the Cultural Performance?

The Date will be announced soon.

The performances (lasting 3-5 minutes each) involve participants from each country getting together and preparing a type of song/dance/poem or something else that symbolizes a part of their country’s culture.

We also request that the performance should also be linked to something related to access to justice, or fairness/ethics, and/or helping others.

Why do I hear two languages?

In order to listen to the interpreter only, participants have to Mute Original Audio.

Why can’t hear the interpreter?

Make sure you turn on the interpretation feature and select language you would like to listen to. Instructions to enable interpretation can be found here.

Why don’t I have all languages available for interpretation?
  • make sure your Zoom app is the most updated version.
  • In some cases you may need to uninstall and reinstall the Zoom app.
Do I need to register separately for each session?

No. You can join any session(s) you like and are free to change the session at any time.

Other technical questions about Zoom


My question isn’t answered

If you cannot find the answer or need technical assistance, you can contact our Help Desk by clicking the ‘Need help?’ tab at the bottom of this page to chat with our team.