Sustaining Access to Justice through Pro Bono Legal Aid Networks in Myanmar

13.30 – 15.00 | 16 September

Room: Topaz

This session will focus on the practical challenges and benefits of pursuing a pro bono lawyer mechanism for providing quality and timely criminal defense legal aid. Using a relatively mature legal aid project in Myanmar as an example, the session will aim to (i) provide an overview of the pro bono ecosystem, the challenges and opportunities in investing and harnessing this resource in Myanmar, (ii) share experience of fostering pro bono network at the local level to meet legal aid needs and finally (iii) share operational experiences and best practices to ensure representation is high quality, efficient and ethical while respecting pro bono lawyer independence. Through a combination of sharing of experiences through presentations, brainstorming, ideation the participants will be able to draw practical lessons on operationalising and strengthening quality and efficient pro bono legal representation in their legal communities, especially in challenging political and legal contexts.