Undoing Precarity-Positive Practices for Refugee Protections in South and Southeast Asia

15.30 – 17.30 | 23 September

This session will highlight positive practices in the extension of protections towards refugees and asylum-seeking populations in South and Southeast Asia, drawing on the findings of the newly-published research report “Undoing Precarity: Elevating Positive Practices for Refugee Protection in South and South East Asia.” This session seeks to support thinking around using and re-imagining existing legal systems in the Global South to advance rights and secure legal remedies for historically excluded groups and underserved communities–including refugees, displaced persons, and individuals with insecure legal status. Contributions from regional practitioners during the session will help to identify both positive practices as well as existing challenges to their implementation in this region, with the goal of encouraging human rights defenders and pro bono practitioners to consider applying this strategic approach to the contexts in which they work.