The Lingering Shadow Initiative (Parchaayi Project) – A ground report on the situation of migrant workers and the rohingya refugees in Delhi NCR

13.00 – 15.00 | 24 September

This session aims to introduce the The Lingering Shadows Initiative (Parchaayi Project) that is essentially an effort by a Team of three practicing advocates in Delhi NCR (India) to provide legal aid to the displaced communities, particularly the migrant workers and Rohingya refugees whose stories, narratives and issues remain overlooked and unattended. As a part of the project, the Team of Advocates regularly visit the communities, record their challenges, sub-human treatment, systematic ghettoization and write about them in the media, academic circles to build public awareness and opinions in favor of the communities. Additionally, as lawyers, the Team also provides regular legal training, legal aid and legal representation to all members of the communities. Special attention and events are arranged for those who are vulnerable to sexual and gender based violence. The Team operates a 24 hour phone number in which anyone can call at any point of the day to access legal consultation. The key principle that the Team operates upon is to empower the Clients and to give them full ownership of their cases, training, etc. As a matter of policy, the Team advocates feminist perspectives and a client centred lawyering approach in their publications and their practice in the Courtrooms. The primary aim of the Team is to decolonise and localise international law perspectives, facilitate access to justice through feminist human rights lawyering.


Puja Kumari | The Oxford College of Education

Tarannum Khatana | Independent Advocate/Practitioner

T. Mayura Priyan | Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry

Ujjaini Chatterji | Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa