25 SEP 2021

13.00 – 15.00


Beyond Refuge: Lessons Learned from Refugee Protection Strategies in the
Global South

This session will reflect on the underlying principles of the global refugee protection regime and the ways in which they are applied in the Global South – which hosts over 85% of refugees worldwide. It explores practices and strategies deployed by states outside of the Refugee Convention framework, to provide shelter and protection to refugees, forcibly displaced, and at-risk populations on their territories. The aim of the session is to examine the different ways in which international protection has been granted through interpretative and procedural techniques, and to spur critical reflection of the different priorities and opportunities, present and future, for advancing the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced populations.



Sumaiya Islam | Open Society Justice Initiative

Sara Hossain | BLAST

Bina D’Costa | Australian National University

Roshni Shanker