Innovative Approaches and Emerging Areas of Refugee Rights Pro Bono

Date:  1 December 2023

Time:  15.30 – 17.00

Session Description:

In this session, innovative approaches and emerging areas of refugee rights pro bono will be explored through project spotlights. This will cover projects that:
– Facilitate access to legal solutions through technological innovation.
– Engage local actors to build legal capacity sustainably.
– Explore the overlap between climate justice and forced displacement.
– Support (alternative) pathways to safe migration.

Participants will then go into breakout groups and join a mini hackathon. Each group will be given a discrete problem commonly observed across refugee rights pro bono and asked to brainstorm some kind of innovative solution. Then, each group can give feedback on their solution to the bigger group, highlighting any challenges they may foresee.


Aaron Chan l DLA Piper

Janet Wang l Linklaters

Julia Mayerhofer l PILnet

Mok Caroline l Justice Centre Hong Kong

Rana Refahi l Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network